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Backing and Topping

One of the most important elements in producing good embroidery is choosing the correct backing for your application. It takes time and testing. We are proud to stock the Stitch Backers line of products from Hollingsworth and Vose.  We have cutaways and tearaways in both precut sheets and rolls in a wide variety of weights.  We also have many different specialty backings.

Cutaway is needed to provide a stable base for delicate and stretchy fabrics both during the stitching process and afterward. A cutaway not only helps maintain the crispness of a design's details during this process, but retain the design's shape after repeated washings.

Tearaway is needed to provide extra stabilization for most fabrics. To perform well as a backing, a tearaway should be stable, able to withstand repeated perforations, and tear easily and cleanly in either direction. The tearaway / washaway products tear easily and what is left of these backings is removed when laundered by the consumer.

Topping resembles lightweight plastic, but dissolves in water or steam.  It is used to stop stitches from sinking into fabric piles.  We stock Aquafilm and Badgemaster in rolls.  We also have our own private label topping in precut sheets and rolls.

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